September 30, 2014


Once again the plant world comes to our aid by offering us some medicinal plants as valid remedies against the imperfections of the hair and scalp. Recall that the state of the hair is only the skin’s expression of an imbalance present throughout the body. The first thing to do is, therefore, ask yourself what is the causes of the disturbance, adopting a holistic vision of the body whose parts are closely interconnected between them and the environment around them.

Let’s see what are the main hair problems and which plants to use.


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Dandruff is a problem of the scalp and more precisely of the functionality of the sebaceous glands. In fact, it occurs when there is an excessive peeling of the skin or increased sebum production, which directly affects the hair making it greasy and fat.

Plants such as Burdock, Viola tricolor and Helichrysum act by balancing the sebaceous secretion; moreover, they show marked dermo-purifying properties, acting mainly on liver function, closely connected with the condition of the skin and hair.

We recommend taking the plants both internally, for example in the form of infusion or decoction, or  externally so as to strengthen their action. A great help in case of inflammation of the scalp, seborrhea and dandruff, also comes from essential oils in particular that of eucalyptus, lavender, sage, rosemary, melaleuca, with excellent antiseptic and dermo-purifying properties.



Hair loss is a problem that increasingly affects both men and women. The causes can be congenital, or occasional linked to stress, eating disorders and poor health habits (alcohol and smoking). In this case, in addition to correcting your eating habits, a good integration of minerals can reduce the problem. Equisetum is an excellent remedy since, in addition to maintaining the elasticity of the hair, it is one rich source of silicon which increases the strength of the hair and promotes its regrowth.

A remedy that has always been used by popular tradition is to use the infusion of Nettle leaves as a liquid to rub on the scalp. Nettle has been used since ancient times as an excellent remedy for oily hair and dandruff. Camphor, on the other hand, is a plant with rubefacent properties, that is, capable of increasing the local microcirculation favoring the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the leather hair.

Very effective is also a treatment based on clutches with Rosemary essential oil, diluted in a vegetable oil such as almond or jojoba oil to be carried out at least two, three times a day.

We always recommend some attention in the use of essential oils, since being very concentrated substances in terms of active ingredients, in the case of inflamed or scaly skin they can also cause serious irritation.

Therefore, in the presence of important seborrheic dermatitis, the use of any natural product must take place under close medical supervision.



Plants rich in mucilage such as Altea and Aloe have excellent moisturizing properties, emollient and refreshing. Cornflower, but as well as Aloe, also contain polysaccharides, substances capable of absorb a significant amount of water, then progressively transfer it to the hair shaft, hydrating them in depth.

Another remedy to counteract dry hair is to make compresses based on Argan oil or sweet Almond oil and then proceed with washing. They are highly nutritious oils capable of restoring shine and vitality to the hair.